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The SARAgri Project

The SARAgri project is a research project funded by Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and partially supporting the development of SMOSAR research, advancements and novelties.

The SARAGRI project - Uso di dati SAR multi-frequenza a sostegno dell'AGRIcoltura, is a research project lasting 18 months and funded by ASI within the call “Studio di nuovi metodi e tecniche basati sull’utilizzo di dati SAR multimissione/multifrequenza”.

The project goal is consolidating and validating a set of algoritms in the priority sector of "Agricolture" for ASI. All proposed algorithms have different levels of maturity (Scientific Readiness Level - SRL) and the common objective of monitoring the hydrological and food safety via:

  • soil moisture condtions;
  • water content of vegetation, for their possible stress conditions;
  • irrigated areas, to optimize the management of water resources;
  • changes in shallow soil roughness due to agricoltural practices, which could be important for conservative agricolture.